Emergency Call 02-33669119
Title Secretary
E-mail leeyusir@ntu.edu.tw
Tel +886(0)2-3366-2995~2997 ext. 19
VoIP +886(0)2-3366-3366 ext. 25080
  1. Correspondence verification and expenses disbursement for the Office of Student Affairs
  2. Cross office business coordination
  3. Complaints person of the Office of Student Affairs
  4. Human resource operations for the Office of Student Affairs
  5. Disease Control and Prevention Contact in the Office of Student Affairs
Deputy Chen-Chein LIAO,Chin-Yu TIAN
Chin-Yu TIAN
Title Senior Clerk
E-mail sabrinachen@ntu.edu.tw
Tel +886(0)2-3366-2995~2997 ext. 17
VoIP +886(0)2-3366-3366 ext. 25600
  1. School administration advice and official mailboxes management
  2. Responsible for Student Counseling Committee, Compliance Team, Compliance Advisory and Integrated Planning and Development of Compliance
  3. Internal Control Risk Management
  4. Responsible for the breakdown of the Student Affairs Office by level, and for a comprehensive overview
  5. Personnel and General Affairs related business in the Office of Vice President for Student Affairs
  6. The North 1 business
  7. OSA Publications Management
  8. General documents signing and execution
  9. Daily newsletters
Deputy Hsiao-Wen CHANG,Chen-Chein Liao
Chen-Chein LIAO
Title Manager
E-mail ccheinliao@ntu.edu.tw
Tel +886(0)2-3366-2995~2997 ext. 18
VoIP +886(0)2-3366-3366 ext. 26888
  1. OSA staff Education and Training programs
  2. Regular and overtime expenses management
  3. Self-financing income/expenditure, University fund performance and financial planning reports
  4. Expenditure Auditing
  5. Contact person for visitors from other schools
  6. Various evaluations
  7. NTU medium-range publications
  8. NTU development program
Deputy Ming-Ying TENG,Hsiao-Wen Chang
Ming-Ying TENG
Title Senior Specialist
E-mail myteng@ntu.edu.tw
Tel +886(0)2-3366-2995~2997 ext. 15
VoIP +886(0)2-3366-3366 ext. 25099
  1. Itinerary arrangement for Vice President and Deputy Vice President for Student Affairs
  2. Supervise staffs in the Office of Vice President for Student Affairs
  3. Complaints person for the Office of Vice President for Student Affairs
  4. Executive council, administrative meeting, and school board meeting arrangements
  5. Department director meeting arrangement
  6. Disease Control and Prevention Administrator in the Office of Vice President for Student Affairs
Deputy Chen-Chein LIAO,Chin-Yu Tian
Hsiao-Yi CHAN
Title Senior Clerk
E-mail chanhy@ntu.edu.tw
Tel +886(0)2-3366-2995~2997 ext. 16
VoIP +886(0)2-3366-3366 ext. 26800
  1. Organizer for the Higher Education Sprout Project of OSA
  2. Online application system management for the Higher Education Sprout Project of OSA
  3. Contact person for MOE Higher Education Database of OSA
Deputy Eve Yang
Title Senior Clerk
E-mail yangjuju@ntu.edu.tw
Tel +886(0)2-3366-2995~2997 ext. 12
  1. Administration of OSA website
  2. IG event planning and copywriter
  3. Account permissions for "Registration of Personal Information System"
  4. Regular reviews and audits of ISMS
  5. OSA e-Newsletter
  6. IT equipment management
  7. Procurement, bidding and management of  IT system and hardware
Deputy Hsiao-Yi Chan
Hsiao-Wen CHANG
Title Senior Clerk
E-mail snoopychang@ntu.edu.tw
Tel +886(0)2-3366-2995~2997 ext. 11
VoIP +886(0)2-3366-3366 ext. 26611
  1. Document registration counter
  2. Document exchange and transmission
  3. Management, training, and payment for Life-Assisting/work-study assistants studies
  4. Environmental cleaning
Deputy Chin-Yu TIAN,Ming-Ying Teng
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