Emergency Call 02-33669119

• Where is Office of Student Affairs?    
R114, 1F Administration Building

• Where can I apply for diplomas or transcripts?  
 You can go to Office of Academic Affairs to apply for Diplomas and transcripts (Tel:+886(0)2-3366-2388)

• I am an Overseas Chinese Student/ Int'l Student. Where can I get information?  
Overseas Chinese Students:Please visit the Overseas Students Advising Division (Tel:+886(0)2-3366-3232)    
Int'l Students:Please visit the Office of International Affairs (Tel:+886(0)2-3366-2007~8)

• Where can I apply for Scholarships or Exemptions & Loans?    
Please visit the Student Assistance Division (Tel:+886(0)2-3366-2048~50)

• I am a freshmen. I want to know more about the Student Associations    
Please visit the Student Activity Division (Tel:+886(0)2-3366-2063~66)    
Freshmen / Transfer students:Freshmen / Transfer students Admissions Service

• I want to know about Enterprises or I am an Enterprise that wants to provide student internships and employment  
Please visit the Career Center (Tel:+886(0)2-3366-2046~47)

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