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Journey to Lean

The Journey to Lean Program of NTU Student Affairs Office

Student affairs are diverse and complicated. Personnel in the Office of Student Affairs have to deal a variety of students and improve performance in satisfying different needs. Personnel, therefore, have to be separated from the traditional role of the manager, and become professional educators who can assist student learning and development. Under the leadership of Dr. Feng, Ex-Dean of Student Affairs, NTU Office of Student Affairs decided to promote the “Journey to Lean Program of Student Affairs” after investigating the theories and developing trends related to student affairs nationally and internationally. We also hope to transform the Office to a learning type of organization in which every member recognizes the University’s educational goal and core value of student affairs, supports others, and learns diverse ways to solve problems and becomes knowledgeable of creative resolutions in order to enhance effectiveness and innovation of the student affairs.  

The Program was officially proposed in May, 2007, and was implemented in three stages. The first stage is to form a learning type organization. The second stage is to build a professional theory on student affairs, and the third stage is to develop an achievement evaluation system for student learning.