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Mental Health Services

To provide students with abundant mental support resources, NTU is expanding more psychiatry clinics at NTU Health Center.

For psychiatry clinics, you need to make an appointment, and the intake appointment is only for NTU members. Referrals can be made by the Family Medicine Clinics of NTU Health Center as well as the NTU Student Counseling Center. You can also schedule an appointment by calling the Health Center during working hours at (02)3366-2176.

Besides, the followings are some urgent help resources for you:

If you or your classmates are in a life-threatening emergency, please dial 119 or go to the emergency room of a nearby hospital for assistance. If you feel that you or your classmates are in a crisis, please notify the Student Safety Center. Crisis conditions include self-harm, suicide, violence, personal safety concerns. Please dial the following number:

· The 24-hour emergency number of the NTU Student Safety Center: (02) 3366-9119
· The campus emergency hotline: (02) 3366-9110
· For Medical Emergency  
   · 119 (24 hours)  
   · NTU Health Center Emergency number: (02) 3366-9595 (8:00~17:00, office hours only)
· Suicide Prevention Hotline by the Ministry of Health and Welfare: 1925 (24 hours)
· Teacher Chang counseling line: 1980

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