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Resume Writing and Interview Skills Workshops

Dear students,


The Career Center will organize a Chinese and an English Resume Writing and Interview Skills Workshops on May 25 and June 4, respectively. The Career Center will invites professionals and advisors from industry to help students develop resume writing and interview skills, so that the students can take their first step on the path to employment success.


During the workshop, students are provided with guidance on preparing job-seeking resumes that highlight their special characteristics and advantages, helping them to gain interview opportunities.


Please note the following for your registration:

  • Date: The first workshop will take place on May 25, and the second one on June 4.
  • Time: 18:30~21:00
  • Venue: Room 102 of Liberal Education Classroom Bldg.
  • Please check the following link for registration details: https://bit.ly/2WQMX7u. All NTU students are welcome to register.
  • Both workshops are conducted in Chinese. Due to limited seats, please choose the workshop that best suits your needs and do not register for both events.
  • Under the guidance of anti-COVID-19 measures, the first workshop is open to a maximum of 100 participants, and the second one to 150 attendees at most. Should enrollments exceed the limits, priority will go for graduate students and undergraduate seniors & juniors.


Please bear in mind to keep appropriate social distance (or wear a medical mask) and maintain personal health/hygiene during the workshop.


Career Center

Office of Student Affairs


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