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NTU-Thanksgiving announcement of results

NTU-Thanksgiving announcement of results
衷心感謝大家踴躍分享的感恩之情,我們將贈予前50名分享者NTU玫瑰金不鏽鋼吸管,並抽出獲得Apple watch Series 5的幸運兒。
We have received many sharing messages for Thanksgiving. We will give the NTU Rose Gold Straw to the first 50 students, and draw out the winner for the" AppleWatch Series 5".
Winners list
AppleWatch Series 5

NTU Rose Gold Straw
B08101024 R08A21082 R08941044 R08943002 B08102001
T08103102 R05341058 R07944011 B05701111 B07106027
B08409024 B06601007 D05B45002 B07703034 R07944032
B08610026 R07142001 D07222022 D06522029 R08122017
B08207028 R07541204 B05401045 B07B01027 R08342007
R08724005 R07527018 B05401045 R08323018 B07303056
R07725001 B08303080 R08543034 B08901109 R08723044
B07801022 R08725010 R07942061 R08524062 R08723010
B03409013 D06B44001 R08522530 B05B02019 R07942152
R08630013 R07848031 B08406010 B08401113 B07302221
Claim of date:2019/12/9-2019/12/20
Location:R114, 1F Administration Building (Office of Vice President for Student Affairs)
Each winner must show their own student ID card to claim the prize.
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