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【保健中心】11/20「減重減糖大作戰」講座 、11/25「運動營養」講座(城中校區)11/20 Lecture on Weight Loss and Sugar Reduction ,11/25 "Sports Nutrition" Lecture (Downtown Campus)

(一) 講座名稱:減重減糖大作戰
(二) 講座名稱:運動營養
2. 地點:公衛大樓城中校區215教室。
3. 講師:臺大醫院呂孟凡營養師。
"Reduce Weight and Sugar Reduction" and "Sports Nutrition" Lecture
Due to the changes in eating habits and lifestyles have made obesity more common these days. It not only affects health but also affects learning. In order to promote a balanced diet and regular exercise habits, we will hold a diet nutrition lecture with the Nutrition Room of National Taiwan University Hospital to participate. Through this activity, people can have the right dietary knowledge and develop good habits of exercise.
The time and place of the events are as followings:
(1) Name of the lecture: Weight loss and sugar reduction
Time: November 20, from 12:20 to 13:35
Location: 2nd floor classroom in the health center.
Lecturer: Lu Dafan, a dietitian at National Taiwan University Hospital
(2) Lecture name: Sports nutrition
Time: November 25, 2008, from 12:20 to 13:10
Location: Room 215, (Downtown CampusNo. 17 Xuzhou Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City)
Lecturer: a nutritionist at National Taiwan University Hospital.
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