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【學務處】臺大學務處IG感恩日-(玫瑰金不鏽鋼吸管、抽apple watch Series 5)

感恩節即將來臨,你心中是否充滿了感激之情而尚未傳達出去呢?無論是父母、朋友、同學、甚至是一面之緣的陌生人,冥冥中的緣分牽引著彼此連繫與相遇。衷心感謝與珍惜你所擁有的關愛、協助、扶持、恩惠與一切,只要你願意分享感恩之情,我們將贈予你NTU玫瑰金不鏽鋼吸管,並有機會抽最新的Apple watch Series 5
Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have wasonce among the things you only hoped for.” – Epictetus, Philosopher.
Thanksgiving is coming! Are you still keeping lots of gratitude in heart not knowing how to share them out?
Whether they are your parents, friends, schoolmates, or even someone you just pass by, every encounter is ablessing. Be thankful and cherish what you got, such as love, care, help, support, and everything; if youare willing to share your gratitude via a post, we will give you the NTU Rose Gold Straw, and a chance of getting the latest Apple Watch Series 5.

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2.參加活動者必須在108/11/15-108/11/28期間內,將您最想感謝的人或事以一張照片或一段影片表示並上傳到google表單,填寫感恩的話語,待小編彙整及符合條件者會張貼於學務處的IG上,即可獲得NTU玫瑰金不鏽鋼吸管,共50組送完為止,11/29活動結束後另可抽Apple watch Series 5
To participate:
1. Participants must be NTU students(Bachelor, Master and PhD programs are included).
2. From 2019/11/11 to 2019/11/28, participants can submit a photo or a video with comments sharing their gratitude towards someone or events that they want to thank most to the following google form:  . We will then pick out posts and upload them on NTU Office of Student Affairs' IG. The chosen posts would be rewarded a NTU Rose Gold Straw. We will give out altogether 50 NTU Rose Gold Straws. After 2019/11/29, we will further pick out ONE winner to get the Apple watch Series 5.
3. The submitted photos and videos must be original. No plagiarism or derivative work is accepted. NTU Office of Student Affairs is allowed to share the submitted photos and videos for future sharing.
4. Winners are to be announced after 2019/11/29 via the website of Office of Students Affairs.
5. No winner may win more than 1 prize. Each winner must show their own IG and student ID card to claim the prize.

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