Flu Vaccine Program Unavailable

  • 2016-12-08

Vaccine program ends on 12/8.
Those who still want to have the shot are advised to visit the District Public Health Center.

Free Vaccine Program (Not Available Now)
Brand: provided by the Department of Health
Price for NTU faculty or students: free
Price for one without NTU ID: registration fee 100NTD 

Only Available for Adults over 50 (born before or during 1965)

Self-pay Vaccine Program (Not Available Now)
VAXIGRIP (3-Valent,  covering 2 types of influenza A and 1 type of influenza B)
Brand: SANOFI PASTEUR (France)
Price for NTU faculty or students: 491 NTD (+310 for one without NTU ID)
Available for children over 3 and adults.