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First Stage

1. First Stage: Forming a learning type organization

The “Journey to Lean Program of Student Affairs” adopted in May, 2007, was conducted to transform the organization and improve the effectiveness of Student Affairs through a three parts transformational work: management of the foundation construction, operation system, and personnel’s psychology. All employees should participate throughout each period, including periods of “forming the organization,” “diagnosis,” “planning,” “implementation,” and “evaluation;” in addition to handling every kind of educational training, visiting outstanding national and international schools with a view to broadening everyone’s vision and professional knowledge and skills. 

○Important objectives for each period

  1.Forming the organization:
     Declared a program of administrative reform; thus we proposed a comprehensive educational program to start a general assembly. Each unit will hold a book club to study the reference book, "Journey to Lean: Making Operational Change Stick,” and form a Journey Lean Project Workshop with representatives of each unit.  

     Each unit will determine its values and what needs to be improved through evaluations. Six value streams have to be formulated through this discussion: 
          (1)  Moral education.
          (2)  Caring for the disadvantaged.
          (3)  Supreme campus culture.
          (4)  Safe and healthy campus environment.
          (5)  Campus globalization.
          (6)  Administrative reforms.

 3. Planning:
    Each office should set its own goal and propose an improvement action plan based on their own values.

    The improvement plan should be implemented from August, 2007. Progress of the plan should be discussed periodically, as well as submitting the meeting records, hourly work logs, work explanation, value stream business of standard operating procedure, etc. Concurrently various kinds of educational training and national and international school visits will be conducted.

 5. Evaluation:
    An achievement report meeting will be held when a period of objectives are completed in order to present the achievements of each team. Business of each group office will be integrated with the six value streams developed from the Journey to Lean Program and the evaluation report on the administrative quality assessment will present the lean accomplishment and earn the evaluation benchmark unit.     



      The goal is to establish the vision of student affairs, core value, six value streams. Personal business targets and KPI should be formulated based on the goals mentioned above, as well as building a knowledge sharing platform, holding a meeting periodically, forming a learning type organization.
      The organization consensus will be built based on the journey to lean, providing colleagues a chance to learn systematic thinking, skill expansion, self-reflection, correction and teamwork. We hope to transform the Office of Student Affairs into a learning type organization, further carrying out the University’s educational mission: assisting students to develop values and skills in teamwork, accountability, integrity, diligence, ambition and vision (TAIDA), in order to fulfill the University’s motto, “Integrity, Diligence, Patriotism, and Philanthropy.” Thus we will create a golden era for NTU students who will gain a positive learning experience.